Manhunt Esc0rt Services bring exquisite male companions this holiday season

29th July, Mumbai, India: This is for all women who are feeling alone this weekend. No need to worry any longer. Manhunt Esc0rt Services are coming up with their premium high end male esc0rts for companionship and fun this summer. Ladies can get ready for a fun weekend away from work, or a casual date to a family event – because with their esc0rt service, “it’s all going to end brilliantly for you.”, says a company employee.

“Our client base includes high end businesswomen and corporate CEOs. We provide excellent service to our young adults and middle aged housewives as well.” he continued. It is quite common for high end corporate CEOs to get away on weekends with a callboy services mumbai to have a relaxed and stress-free time. Even young adults in bachelor parties and weddings avail these services.

These high end esc0rt services offer a variety of men – ranging from young adults to middle-aged men. “It’s easy and it’s fun”, said one of their “callboys”. Even middle-aged men find this prospect exciting. “Some women like a mature man, some don’t. Those who do pick up”, said a confident esc0rt in Manhunt.
Manhunt Esc0rt Services currently has multiple branches across Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi. Recently they announced that they are introducing a gender variation in Gigolo service in Mumbai. This will include gay and bisexual male esc0rts, in addition to straight esc0rts for all its branches across the country. Mumbai is a very proper place for these esc0rt services to prosper. The holiday destinations and romantic gateways are everywhere in Mumbai, so it has a very good client potential, both Indian and International.

These men are known in their friend circle as a “playboy” but they earn a handsome living. Some are young adult college students, earning money as a part-time job. In addition to that, the client base is very robust in Mumbai. Female esc0rts have a good time. However due to the corporate female CEOs and housewives, the men have a great time as well.”

All in all, our client base is prepared to have a good time, and our esc0rts make sure they are satisfied with what they get!” said the Manhunt Male Esc0rt Services.


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