Barcode Reader’s Association with Smartphone Apps to Change the Shopping Experience

bar code Industry Research ReportsSince its emergence in 1970, barcodes have made greater strides with advancements in technology. Approximately every product in the market has a barcode printed on it. Barcode readers scan these to assist retailers and manufacturers to save time, control inventory, and determine customer behavior. With technological innovation, barcode readers have transformed into wearable devices that associate with smartphone apps. Technologies used in Google Glass and other wearable devices have presented new avenues in the barcode reader industry. Healthcare industry is also transforming with an introduction of portable barcode readers.

There are several ways in which barcode readers are changing the way world works. Management of inventory has become easier for supermarket owners as they have to manage & track thousands of products. Whenever a store manager or owner needs an information about any products, only scanning through barcode reader is sufficient. Manufacturers are adopting barcode reader technologies for controlling inventory in real-time as well as remotely.

Google Glass is equipped with a cutting-edge technology in which innovative functions are included that can be used for various applications. It has a wearable device feature including a touchpad and voice command functionality that can be used with barcode scanning apps. This will give customers a hands-free scanning experience. Barcode scanning through wearables will change the way consumers shop. A wearable device supported by a barcode app in smartphones or tablets will provide an information about any product, and consumers can find various products & compare them with others to get the best products. In addition, customers can get information about the origin of a product and its environmental impact.

The introduction of 2D barcode readers have brought a drastic change in various industries. The association of 2D barcode readers with image readers will provide a lot of solutions for healthcare industry. Wasp Barcode Technologies has developed a 2D barcode reader, which has a quick response (QR) coding system for healthcare facilities. This is a wireless, portable, and disinfectant-ready reader with zero risk of infection of disease from one patient to another. Barcode readers are used for tracking patient information, medical equipment, and medications in healthcare facilities. With growing aging population, a need for tracking data & health conditions for a long time increases. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of human errors and avoids disinfection. Barcode technology and hardware provides solutions for inventory management, medication administration, patient validation, and tracking materials in hospitals.

As technology advances, barcode readers will become more intelligent and demand for smart barcode readers will increase. So, the barcode reader industry will grow in the future with new products incorporated with smart technology and their association with smartphone apps. Analysts have presented a thorough information and comprehensive data about changing market dynamics. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report, titled, “2016 Barcode Reader Industry Report – Global and Chinese Market Scenario.” The report provides an extensive analysis of key manufacturers, current market trend, geographical segmentation, and industry chain structure for the historic period, 2011-2016, and the forecast period, 2016-2021.

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