Two late-Friday-afternoon press releases in NBA games

Two late-Friday-afternoon press releases in  NBA 2K17 Coins — one a purge of various longtime front-office
staffers and Saunders’ loyalists, the other the unexpected resignation of Wolves CEO Rob Moor — cleared
the decks for the Thibodeau-Layden era. Their work with just the one pick in Thursday’s draft, and the
work leading up to it, is all about their vision now. And their fingerprints.
Thibs’ new reality: Coaches drag around their W-L record for the whole of their careers. NBA execs get
defined by their draft picks, their trades, their free-agent hits or misses and their hires. That’s all
just revving up for him now, though he did have the post-draft patter down.
“We think Kris is a great fit for us,” Thibodeau said. “We didn’t know how it was going to unfold. There
were a few good options for us, and we thought that was the best one …”

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