Why You Need a Retaining Wall Built by a Concrete Contractor in Hoover, AL

Birmingham, Alabama – Retaining walls serve as a defense against eroding soil that could become a hazard to homeowners and owners of commercial buildings. The soil of the Hoover area is known for its rocky and uneven terrain. In addition, the loamy dirt needs the reinforcement of sand, the silty loam has pockets of clay, and all of the area has an underlying layer of bedrock. The valleys and dips of the natural landscape prevents an even yard and proper drainage. Retaining walls preserve the soil, establish an efficient water flow, and create a beautiful focal point for your landscape. Retaining walls do not have to be utilitarian only; they can also break up what would be an otherwise boring slope to your yard to enhance the beauty of your home. Smaller walls can be a do-it-yourself project if you are familiar with the local zoning and construction codes, but for a wall larger than four feet you need the expertise of a construction engineer from Outside Construction Services, the one-stop shop for a Hoover c
oncrete contractor (http://www.outdoor.construction/concrete-services/).

Retaining walls are made of many durable materials that last for years of constant use. The walls can be made of blocks, stones, concrete, manufactured blocks, and gravel. The walls are built in tiers placed upon a level base. Often the base has to be dug and filled with gravel before the retaining wall can be constructed. After the base is smooth and level, the first set of blocks or materials is laid and the construction continues layer by layer. At each band of the wall, the builder must use a level to confirm the straightness of the stones. Backfill is needed to reinforce the structure at the addition of each segment. In addition, proper drainage has to be established so the wall will not accidentally form a pond or wet spot in the yard. The drainage pipes may be governed by local construction codes so it is wise to contact a local building inspector before you begin this project. There many reasons to choose Outside Construction Services for your concrete contractor needs, but their expertise and customr
satisfaction ratings uphold the confidence in the quality of their projects.

If you do not need a large retaining wall, but do need to reroute draining and conserve the soil, you might consider a segmental retaining wall. These walls are also reinforced by soil and backfill, but they are constructed of modular manufactured bricks, rather than native stone, and have a geo grid that attaches the wall to the soil surface. Outside Construction Services (www.outdoor.construction/concrete-services/) can build this wall for you with their designers and experienced engineers, creating a pleasing addition to your landscape that is both eye-catching and functional.
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