Commercial real estate in Lexington means great value for a lower price

Lexington and the Lexington-Fayette area have reported a rise in young families. There is a new trend to start a family at a younger age, among millennial and younger generations in general. Nowadays, wanting a successful career does not exclude having a family. This has led to an exponential increase in apartment sales Lexington wide and in the surrounding area. Commercial real estate in Lexington is also in demand; many young families having the desire to start own business and are independent.

Lexington is a great city to start a family in, first and foremost due to the act that it is one of the cleanest cities in the world, as cited by Forbes. The city has managed to deal with the continuous increase in the population, while not endangering the integrity of the horse farms that surround it, a contributing factor to the booming local economy. The cityscape is quite diverse, ranging from different museums (Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate, Pope Villa, Martin Castle, The Aviation Museum, Mary Todd Lincoln House) to artists markets, and a very large number of coffeehouses, from different types of balls and philharmonic concerts to a great number of conferences and charity marathons.


For a start-up family, Lexington is the place to build a future, the place to buy a home and raise a family. Commercial real estate in Lexington is cheaper when compared to that in the rest of the large cities in the country. The rent rate is currently ranked as being the third-lowest in the entire United States. This led to an expansion of the urban area and an increase in the demand for a larger number of residences.


Families with children or that are thinking about having one or more can rest at ease. Lexington is among America’s most well educated cities, being ranked 10th accordingly to the latest census performed. Almost a quarter of Lexington’s population aged twenty-five and older, hold a bachelor’s degree and an 8th are in possession of a master’s degree. Though only a small few are holding a doctorate, this does not influence the city’s high literacy score. The public school system is well organized and looked after. New schools are gradually being built to satisfy the continuous demand as a result of migration to the area.


Lexington has a great number of universities, the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State being the most important. The University of Kentucky also plays the role of the city’s biggest employer – over 14,000 employees as stated in press releases in 2012. The job numbers on the rise and the influence of a great educational system has led to an increase of apartment sales Lexington wide.


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