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The Biz Gifts Trading Power Banks: When you’re out camping or on a tour, one of the main concerns is charging your iPhone.(custom made gifts Singapore) Obviously, the outdoors is a hard place to find charging points. That’s why power banks for the iPhone make a lot of sense – and are almost mandatory gadgets for touring, camping and traveling folk. In present day, we use electronic devices on day-to-day basis, such as our mobile phones, tablets. The problem with these so powerful devices we are using is that it consumes a lot of energy, and they could drain their own batteries in such a short time. Of course, without energy, these so smart, and so expensive devices are useless and worth as much as paperweights. So, power bank can serve this purpose perfectly.


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It could energize your devices back to life and prolong the usage of your devices for hours. The question is ‘how do you know which one is the right power bank for you?’ If you search on The Biz Gifts Trading, you could find a lot of different styles, different specifications of power banks. It looks confusing, right? There are millions of portable chargers for the iPhone out there.(customized business gift Singapore) Almost many of them are pretty good, come with a decent lifetime and recharge cycle and have good specs. Here’s a collection we rounded up. Power hungry smartphones tend to run out of juice at just the wrong time.

Fortunately it’s easily avoided with a USB power bank. To help keep you connected, we have put together a list of the 10 best large capacity models available right now.(Singapore corporate gifts) A tiny portable power bank is all well and good, but if you want to charge your phone more than once, top up a tablet or even keep your laptop running, you need a larger capacity. Power banks over 10,000 mAh can typically give a full charge to a totally dead tablet, or juice up your phone around over three times. While they are a little more expensive, high end power banks also tend to come with a whole range of handy extra features.

It’s also important to note that a 2A USB port is needed to charge many laptops, or fast charge phones that support the extra current. Avoid cheap no name brand power banks at all cost. The capacities are almost always a complete fabrication or low quality cells are used. Stick with known brands and you can’t go wrong. One of the biggest portable power banks you can buy, the P-Mega offers a whopping 41,600 mAh capacity. It’s also got six USB ports, have of which can handle 2 amp fast charging. The P-Mega weighs a hefty 979 grams and measures in at 100 x 100 x 115mm.

It can be hard to find, not to mention expensive, but for high end capacity there is no real competition. USB power banks are all well and good for smartphones and tablets, but leave your laptop out of luck. Kogan has a solution, with a power bank that can juice up other devices. Sadly it only has a single 1.8 amp USB port, but does have a DC output and a range of connectors.(Thumb drives Singapore) It can supply 19v for most laptops, as well as 16v and 12v. The 12v output is actually super handy, as many small plug in electronic devices use a 12v power pack. For example, the Kogan Power Bank could be used to run your modem during a blackout, or charge camera batteries when on the go.

A power bank like no other, the OZ Charge can also jump start your car or power 12v devices. It has a 16,000 mAh capacity and dual 2A USB ports, so has more than enough juice for your phone and tablet. It also has an inbuilt 1W LED torch (rated for 140 hours of run time) and a 12v and 240v charger. It measures in at 170 x 78 x 33 mm and is a chunky but still portable 480 grams. Recently Campbell got his hands on the APC power bank and put it to the test. It has a 10,000 mAh capacity and dual 2A USB ports.

It measures in at a thin but tall 146 x 88 x 13mm and weighs 270 grams. Check out the full review for yourself, but rest assured it’s a solid choice for a decent price.(USB drive Singapore) Clad in aluminium and available in a range of stand-out colours, the Giant+ offers a little extra capacity over the 10,000 mAh competition. It has dual USB ports, one of which handles 2A fast charging for your phone or tablet. The Giant+ also has a built in LED torch that can run for a crazy 700 hours from a full charge. The Jackery power bank measures in at 109 x 79 x 20 mm and weighs 295 grams.

If you need to save a few dollars, it’s also available as a slightly lower capacity 10,000 mAh model that is merely Giant.(Singapore thumbdrive wholesale) Covered in a soft touch plastic, the ChargeUp has an 11,000 mah capacity. It also has dual USB ports, one of which is rated for 2A fast charging. While not the cheapest for the capacity, the ChargeUp Pro has the advantage that it can be bought from handy retailers, such as JB Hi-Fi, or online. It also comes in a range of funky colours trims.


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