Attorney Scott A. Schweber Offers Experienced Services in Arbitration in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia – Attorney Scott A. Schweber offers two forms of alternative dispute resolution: mediation and arbitration. Although the processes are very similar, the latter has one very distinct difference that makes it more appropriate for some cases. Although the final resolution is reached and agreed on by all parties in a mediation case, the arbitrator is responsible for making the final decision in the arbitration process. For more complex cases and those where the parties may have more difficulty reaching an agreement, many find that choosing to go through arbitration in Atlanta ( is the most successful method for getting a good outcome.

While mediation takes place in a more relaxed atmosphere, there are formal rules of procedure and evidence that need to be followed with arbitration in Atlanta. In many cases, more than one arbitrator is used in a hearing. In fact, a panel of three arbitrators will often hear a case. The process begins with each party choosing an arbitrator and those arbitrators choose the third one.

In either type of dispute resolution, the selection of the neutral is one of the most important aspects of the process. This is especially true in arbitration where the arbitrator is responsible for making a decision that will become binding. Experience and a history of success as an arbitrator are important considerations when choosing an arbitrator; but so is their experience as an attorney. The arbitrator should have in-depth knowledge of the local and state law on which to base their actions in the process of arbitration in Atlanta.

In addition to his services in mediation and arbitration, Attorney Schweber also offers civil litigation, labor and material liens, and appeals. Potential clients can download his e-book on his website to learn more about his credentials and choosing the method of dispute resolution that is best for them. They can also contact Scott’s office to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss their civil litigation case. Attorney Schweber will provide clients with the special attention and guidance they need to get the best possible outcome from their case.

About Scott A. Schweber
Attorney Scott A. Schweber ( represents individuals businesses in litigation and alternative dispute resolutions including mediation and arbitration. He credits the success he has achieved in his career in great part to the individual attention he gives to his clients and their cases. He has more than 30 years of experience representing civil litigation cases in a wide range of areas. Scott is also a successful neutral who works with clients to settle their disputes through mediation and arbitration outside of the courtroom whenever possible. His AV rating by Martindale Hubbell is the highest achievable by a lawyer in regards of legal ability and ethical standards.
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