Online Shopping

Right to information means the right to be given the facts needed to make an informed choice or decision about factors like quality, quantity, potency, purity standards and price of product or service. The right to information now goes beyond avoiding deception and protection against misleading advertising, improper labeling and other practices. For e.g. when you buy a product or utilize a service, you should be informed about a) how to consume a product b) the adverse health effects of its consumption c) Whether the ingredients used are environment- friendly or not etc.
Due to the ever increasing influence of the market and the ever changing scene with price wars and hard-sell techniques, the consumer’s right to information becomes even more important. The right to information means much more than simple disclosure of the product’s weight or price. A consumer has the right to know how the product has been prepared, whether it has been tested or animals or not, if environmentally-sound techniques and resources have been used in its production processes, what kinds of chemicals are used into its manufacturing and what could be their impact on consumer health. Clearly, a consumer has to consider a lot of factors before s/he buys a product, especially during online shopping.