How to keep your house clean during rainy season

Say goodbye to termites – These are a major problem wherever there is water leakage and/ or high humidity.They would require professionals to do a really complete job. Do check the whole house for any signs of termite infestation, which tends to increase during the rainy season.

Ventilate your home – Make sure there is enough cross-ventilation and fresh air coming into your home, otherwise the humidity levels will lead to a general feeling of dampness.

Cleanliness is a must – Keeping your home clean can prevent mildew by ensuring the moisture content in the air is as low as possible.Air conditioners and dehumidifiers are a good way to reduce the humidity levels inside a home.The best way to protect upholstery and rugs is exposing them to sunlight; a good sunning prevents moisture-related problems.

Clean and pest-free house – It is important to make sure that your house is pest free during this season because dirty surroundings mean more germs and that can make you ill. Cleaning includes proper cleaning of walls, attics, carpets, furniture, and other things. It is also vital to make your home pest-free.

Electrical fittings – Wires can catch fire easily during monsoon so it is important to check outside and inside electrical switches if they are exposed to rain or water. In case, they are exposed to water and moisture then it is wise to cover them immediately to stop diffusion of rainwater. This can also help to reduce the risk of electric shocks.

Protection of wooden furniture and flooring – Rainwater can spoil your furniture or wooden flooring as it can spoil the shape and quality of wood articles in and outside the house. It is vital to wax or polish in order to protect them from moisture and damage.

Use a cleaning agent every time you mop the floor – Insects like cockroach, bugs and flies frequent during this season. Thus, opt for a cleaning agent which is designed for keeping bugs away. Try to dry mop the floors as much as possible dampness in the house.