Although an individual make the end decision many factors has a direct influence on it. Consumption habits are changing, and so are consumers. Companies must adapt or die, so new business models are appearing which can be implemented. One such model which indicates higher rate of survival is C2B. Ensuring a positive customer experience is essential. Often times the customer gives the seller only one shot to get it right. It is also critical to have effective consumer protection infrastructure, such as channels for choice. Without such channels, trust is quickly lost and difficult to regain. Moreover, customers need the freedom to exercise their voice – and not just when they have a negative experience. Sellers need to find ways to listen respectfully to their customers and use their feedback. Those that do have a better chance of improving the customer experience and co-creating services that meet real needs.  We can see the recent consumer demand for more personalized products has caused an increase in one-off boutique social retail outlets.