see nature launches new product

Window bird feeder is the new product that is about to be initiated by the SeeNature company within the month. It is an amazing close-up view of your favorite birds. Made from high transparency; see through acrylic so you can study the beautiful markings of each bird. Makes bird watching easy and fun.


The beautifully designed packaging you shall be proud to give as a gift. Its unique artwork on the box will instantly impress your friends and family. Installations instructions are on the back of the box for the recipient’s convenience.

You will be able to buy it on Amazon at a price tag of $27. So bring nature to your window and see details of your favorite bird species that you have never been able to understand before using this link

The new design now includes two zones for adding food on; there is no need to remove the whole feeder from the window to clean. Both the removable tray and the main feeder have drain holes so the seed can dry in the event rain and snow. The drain holes also prevent the seed from staying wet and growing molds. It is also easy to install and clean. This durable, light weight window bird feeder is 11.8*5*4 in inches and holds up to two cups of bird’s seed. The extra suction cups ensure your feeder remains secure to your window even in extreme weather.

Crafted to make birds happy, your bird friends will come to you, so there is no need to chase them down with binoculars. Perch design with padded grip means the birds will thank you and stick around longer.

You are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. When you order today, you are protected by a lifetime no-questions. With our world class customer service asked money back is a guarantee and we’ve got you covered for your first accidental damage.