How to Obtain Owner Builder Licence

Are you serious about building your own house? Do you know what documents you need so that you can start the construction? You cannot do or manage any building work without an owner builder permit. First you have to obtain your owner builder licence and afterwards you can go ahead and prepare all the necessary documents so that you can start building your dream home.

If you are among the many people who would like to build your own house you will soon discover that you need an owner builder permit. This permit can be obtained from the Service NSW centre after you fill in an application form and you provide the following documents: evidence of ownership, development consent from a certifying authority, a current general construction induction training card. If the work exceeds the value of $20,000 you will have to provide evidence that you meet the owner-builder education requirement.

We should emphasize the fact that an owner builder permit is not an owner builder licence. With a building permit you will not be able to perform specialist work such as electrical, plumbing, gas fitting, air-conditioning, etc. To do you will need a building license. Before you start your owner building work you should have a development consent that can be issued by the local council, construction approval for the work that can also be given by the local council.

The building work you perform on your building must be inspected to ensure it is conformity with the national building standards. If you would like to know more about the approvals process and to simplify things to great extent it is best to hire a company that can assist you with obtaining your owner builder license. Do you know that there are companies that can assist you with everything you need to become an owner builder? Their aim is to make things easier for you and to prepare you for what is to come.

Individuals who are serious about doing the building work themselves should become familiar with the existing rules and regulations before they start. Having a builder permit and a license is a must and you should take the necessary steps to accomplish this prior to starting the project. The good news is that you can rely on professional help, as there are specialists in this field who offer you a short building work course.

Moving on, after you get your permit you should not forget about your responsibilities and the things that you can and cannot do. If your circumstances have changed and you already have a building permit it is a must to see what you can do. There are several useful courses for those who want to become owner builders; for example the QLD course is an important requirement of the Building Commission that grants the builder permit.


Would you like to know how you can obtain your owner builder licence? We are pleased to assist you through this process and to offer you relevant information about owner builder permit.