Meet The World’s Best Window Bird Feeder

See Nature is happy to announce the introduction of a new Window Bird Feeder. At See Nature, we aim to provide you with the best quality bird feeders you can get. We offer you world class products designed by our highly skilled professionals with a love of nature.


This Window Bird Feeder allows you to make your windows more interesting to stare at by adding that complementing and colorful look of our product. Made with transparent acrylic materials, this bird feeder provides a more clear view of your birds.

Our product is probably the largest bird feeder ever, with 11.8 x 5 x 4 inches of space; it allows to fill feeds conveniently without spilling them over the window. Furthermore, it is easy to install and at the same time easier to clean and manage.

Many bird lovers out there are aware of the danger that comes from squirrels that prey on bird feeds along the windows. Our product sits 6 to 7 feet high making it squirrel proof. So you can enjoy watching your beautiful birds without worrying about squirrels.

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The product is highly protected during shipping with a padded cardboard. The shipping box is made big enough to fit the window bird feeder to avoid any damages. This ensures that your order gets delivered carefully without any scratch marks.

Imagine a bird feeder with 60 drained holes, isn’t that amazing and outstanding? Well, See Nature was able to achieve this in its latest Window Bird feeder that ensures feeder stays dry throughout the different seasons of the year.

“I am pretty sure my home will be filled with nature once I hang this beautiful bird feeder on my window!” writes an Amazon buyer. You will also be able to get this product at after it has been launched at Amazon.

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