Gelatin Market is Estimated to Reach a Production Capacity of 450.7 kilo tons by 2018

GelatinGelatin is a protein-rich substance obtained from collagen in animal tissues. It is a translucent and colorless substance and is soluble in water. It is usually found in the form of a semisolid gel and has a high molecular weight. It consists of up to 90% proteins and 8% to 12% water. The remainder is made up by mineral salts. Gelatin can be used both in food and in topical products; the main difference between the two is that the former is not treated with preservatives.

The global gelatin market has grown in recent years thanks to rising preference for high-protein, low-fat diets. The ready biocompatibility of gelatin helps its absorption into the human body, which is why the food and beverages industry has risen to become one of the leading end users of gelatin.

The report presents analysis about the global gelatin market’s historical development up to its current condition, and delivers forecasts based on solid analytical tools and reliable data. Major companies operating in the global gelatin market are also studied to understand their behavior better.

Overview of the Global Gelatin Market

The global gelatin market is segmented by three criteria: application, raw material, and geography.

By application, nutraceuticals and food and beverages lead the demand from the global gelatin market, due to rising acknowledgement of their health benefits as a protein-rich food item. Other than these two leading segments, gelatin is also used in pharmaceuticals, while nonedible gelatin is used in cosmetics and photography. Rising health awareness and the steadily increasing geriatric population are responsible for the growing demand for edible gelatin.

By raw material, the global gelatin market is segmented into pig skin, bones, bovine hide, and others. Due to the high amount of collagen present in pig skin, the segment leads the global market, followed by bovine hides and bones. The pig skin segment took up 42% of the global gelatin market in 2011, while bones and cow hide collectively took up a majority share of 55% in the market. In the forecast period, gelatin acquired from bones is expected to grow in prominence, as bovine and porcine bones have a very high amount of collagen per unit weight.

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By geography, the Europe market for gelatin leads the global charts, due to the presence of longstanding traditions of animal husbandry in the region and availability of the infrastructure necessary to extract gelatin. Europe held close to 40% of the global gelatin market, with half of it being accounted for by just Germany and France. In the forecast period, though, China will rise to become a leading regional segment of the global gelatin market, due to heavy government support.

Companies mentioned in the report

The report profiles and examines several major players operating in the global gelatin market, shedding light on the competitive dynamics of the market. Key companies described in the report include Nitta Gelatin Inc., Sterling Gelatin, Weishardt Group, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Capsugel Inc., Gelita AG, Norland Products Inc., Roxlor LLC, PB Gelatins, and Rousselot S.A.S.