Pacific Truck Colors offers the finest Truck Collision Repair in Portland

With the amount of wear and tear trucks endure with multiple trips, off road driving, and driving in adverse weather conditions, it is essential to maintain your vehicle properly. Even if you’re a good driver and keep your vehicle well-maintained, all vehicles are still at risk of potential accidents.

After an accident, you’ll need to connect with a truck parts and repair company. Pacific Truck Colors, equipped with high quality tools and experienced and skilled staff, offers the best truck fleet services in Portland. They are flexible to accommodate various sizes of fleets and can respond quickly to the urgent needs that collisions present for business owners and fleet managers.

With their constant efforts to provide truck owners or managers with professional service and innovative technology, PTC is continuing to excel in this business. Even more, they are full prepared to  offer complete repair to vehicles of all sizes.

The two of the most common issues faced by fleet managers are:

  • Sometimes there are hidden damages, which are not always clearly visible to the amateur or inexperienced technicians.
  • …whichcan lead to an unexpected bill way above the preliminary estimate.

At Pacific Truck Colors, the skilled and expert technicians do a thorough inspection and examination, and only then do they provide you with an estimate. The staff at PTC is highlyexperienced so they are aware of what to look for and can really guide you with your truck collision repair, Portland or surrounding areas.

This provider of truck fleet services in Portland stands out from the rest because of their clarity in communication. They have an online form to request a collision repair quote to make it easy on you. After submission, they will immediately contact you to follow up.

Apart from truck collision repair in Portland, some of their other key services include:

  • Truck Customization
  • Van Customization
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Paint
  • Parts and Service

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About Pacific Truck Colors: Pacific Truck Colors is a fast growing professional provider of truck fleets and services, based in Portland, Oregon. PTC offers repairing, replacing and customization of vehicles at a pocket-friendly rate.


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