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Their fans won’t visualize it that way but it’s not good for any club to dominate for to much time, and it’s just as unhealthy for virtually any one video game to stay so untouchable that there’s no incentive for serious advancement. For the last several years FIFA has long been a good game yet recently there’s been indicators of complacency, that have come just as Pro Evolution Soccer has made its return to greatness. And this year there’s no question about this: FIFA 16 coins is second best.

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You can read our review of PES 2016 here, but the short version is that it features major improvements along the board – from the Master League towards the controls and has any headline innovation in the new physics engine. By comparison FIFA 17 coins has nothing very particular to professional site shout about aside from it now has women’s nation’s teams, which is very pleasant but does little to treat the game’s legacy issues.

In fact it’s always interesting to determine what publishers consider the most important thing to mention on the rear of the box, and with FIFA 16 coins it’s the women’s teams, a new training function, and FIFA Ultimate Group Draft. Again, no mention of just about any gameplay improvements, except for a vague mention of the ‘new ways to perform.

Playing FIFA 17 you find there are no big changes, just minor improvements and many minor regressions. The defensive game has received one of the most attention, with computer-controlled defenders now building a real effort to intercept goes by and chase down meandering strikers. As a counter to the there’s also a fresh faster passing option, with the drawback that you just can’t guarantee the receiver will be able to control it.