No One is Worrying about Laptop Radiation

Radiation – It’s a scary word. Usually it will remind people of disastrous events such as what happened at Chernobyl, sometimes it will even remind people of cancer and chemotherapy. The truth is, radiation surrounds every living thing and it is time to wake up. Laptops give off radiation, and as they are portable and able to be close to people all of the time, they can be very harmful to someone’s health. At Aires Technologies (, they offer a variety of products that help to protect people and their families from harmful laptop radiation.

There’s a multitude of dangers associated with laptop radiation, including damaging body cells, disrupting DNA repair in the body, cell death, stress response, ADHD, breast cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. This is only a few of the health risks that a laptop could cause someone, which is shocking. It should now be obvious why people need to invest in protection from their laptop’s radiation (as well as other household devices that emit radiation). At Aires Technologies, they think of the health risks and help to reduce these by protecting people from any harmful radiation that their laptop may emit.

There are many things people can do to protect themselves against laptop radiation. One of these things includes distance – the further away a laptop is from someone, the more protected that person is. Another tip is for many typical households – it is a good idea to switch WiFi for cable internet. WiFi is a big source of EMF radiation and changing to cable can make a huge difference. Undoubtedly, the best method of protection from laptop radiation is through Aires Technologies’ products, which are specially designed for this purpose.

About Aires Technologies

Aires Technologies is a company that designs technologies specifically for the protection of people from harmful electromagnetic fields, whilst also taking into consideration the environment. The products are designed to be completely beneficial to the user and will fit into day-to-day normal activities. It is important for these products to exist because most people don’t understand how prevalent electromagnetic fields are, and how much they can have an effect on their health and wellbeing. Aires Technologies has won a multitude of awards since the year 2000, making them the best and most reliable EMF protection company in the region.