Vertical Farming Market Trends, Growth Analysis and Forecasts 2014 to 2021

vertical farming publishes Vertical Farming Market Research Report. This Report covers the complete Industry Outlook,Growth, Size, Share and Forecast(2014–2021).

Vertical farming is a modern cultivation practice of growing plants in a closed environment on vertical surfaces or skyscraper greenhouses. This practice uses artificial lighting and metal reflectors in replacement to natural sunlight. The use of pesticides and poor weather conditions have low detrimental impact in vertical farming. These plants are produced in specific quality and quantity, having control over its cost and sales prices.

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Robot technology in vertical farming meets the hygiene and safety norms and dismiss human efforts. Technologies used in vertical farming are greenhouse, the folkewall and other vertical growing architectures, aeroponics / hydroponics / aquaponics, composting, grow light, phytoremediation, skyscraper and controlled-environment agriculture.

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Major player assessed in the report is :

– Spread Co.
– Granpa
– Iwasaki Electric
– Nihon Advanced Agri Corporation
– Pacific Group
– Ryobi Holdings
– Philips Horticulture Lamps
– Everlight Electronics

Consistency and ability to grow vegetables 24 hours a day, maintenance of freshness and hygiene in crops, depleting agricultural land and demand for organic crops are the driving forces behind the growth of vertical farming.


1. Vertical Farming By Technology :

– Hydroponics
– Aerophonics
– Aquaponics

2. Vertical Farming By LED Lighting :

– Red
– Blue

3. Vertical Farming By LED Grow Light Module :

– Large Warehouse Plant Factories
– Home And Restaurant

4. Vertical Farming By Geography :

– Asia Pacific
– North America
– Europe
– Latin America
– Middle East And Africa

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