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Marketing Management

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The below mentioned research projects is just glimpse of it. just sign up and find out the huge repository of Marketing Management Project Reports

Asset-led versus Market-led Marketing – Lesson Plan
Marketing – PowerPoint Presentation
Marketing – Mind Map
British Airways: Asset-led or Market-led? – Activity
The Benefits of e-Business and Marketing
Creative Corporate Communication
Developing a Promotional Campaign
Guerrilla Marketing – Lesson Plan
Guerrilla Marketing – PowerPoint Presentation – Basic version
Guerrilla Marketing – PowerPoint Presentation – Full version
Guerrilla Marketing – Mind Map
Guerrilla Marketing – Activity
Market Analysis – Lesson Plan
Market Analysis – PowerPoint Presentation
Market Analysis – Mind Map
Market Analysis – Activity
The Marketing Mix – Lesson Plan
The Marketing Mix – PowerPoint Presentation – Basic version
The Marketing Mix – PowerPoint Presentation – Full version
The Marketing Mix – Mind Map
The Marketing Mix – Activity
Marketing Tactics
Market Power, Competition and Regulation – Lesson Plan
Competition, Legislation and Regulation – PowerPoint Presentation
Competition – Mind Map
Market Power, Competition and Regulation: Anti-Competitive Behaviour – Activity
Market Research – Lesson Plan
Market Research – PowerPoint Presentation
Market Research – Mind Map
Market Research – Activity

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