Aires Technologies Are Providing the Best EMF Protection

Technology surrounds everyone, constantly giving off small amounts of hurtful electromagnetic frequencies. People may not even notice it, but these frequencies are emitted by almost everything used in everyday life, including mobile phones and even microwaves.  Aires Technologies offer top quality EMF protection to help keep people safe.

There are two types of electromagnetic frequencies – low frequency, which are below 60 hertz, and high frequency. The low frequencies are said to be found throughout the average home, with microwaves, power lines and electrical wiring. The high frequencies are emitted from cell phones, radios and wireless frequencies – like your WiFi. High frequencies especially have increased drastically over the past few years, which means it is more important now than ever before to get protected. Aires Technologies ( offer the best protection from low and high electromagnetic frequencies.

Some families own devices which detect EMFs, however many people don’t know that many of these meters only detect low frequencies, and the devices that they’re using may be emitting dangerous amounts of high electromagnetic frequencies, too. Both types of EMF are equally harmful to you and could pose a whole variety of health problems to the individual and their families. Aires Technologies offers EMF protection with the family in mind, so they design their products to suit typical everyday lives.

There are quite a few companies that offer protection from EMF, including protectors and shields. It can be hard to tell which products are the most reliable and the best quality, sometimes people find it hard to know who they can trust – this is your health and it is a very important issue. Aires Technologies has received many awards for the technology they offer, including the 2002 Brussels-Eureka Gold Medal.

About Aires Technologies

Aires Technologies is a company that develops technologies suited for the protection of people, whilst simultaneously caring about the environment. They develop devices that are innovative, beneficial and environmentally-friendly. While their work varies slightly, the company’s main focus is minimizing the harmful effects of electromagnetic field and frequencies – they work to protect the people, as many people aren’t even aware of the harmful effects of this radiation. Their products are approved, both clinically and scientifically, and they offer the highest quality with cutting edge manufacturing. Without a doubt, Aires Technologies is sweeping the nation with EMF protection.