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As soon as you will use our service for tracking parcels, you will start receiving different statuses about the delivering of your parcel. They can be different and caused by different reasons. In any case, you will possess the information and thus will be able to predict terms of your delivery.  Let us tell you about some popular statuses.


What means ‘Reception” status. Your parcel is ready to issue. We need to tell you about the maximum retention period. Possible reasons: your departure was delivered to the point of issuance. Your departure was granted to the courier for delivery. If your shipment has been delivered, you can easily ignore this message. However, if you still have not received it, we recommend that you connected with the delivery service to organize re-delivery or a courier delivery of a parcel to the point of issue. Each delivery service has a maximum storage time, after which the administration may return it to a sender. We suggest you to immediately take delivery.


What does it mean, when you see “Not delivered” status after Professional courier tracking?  There was an attempt to deliver your parcel, but there was a delivery failure. In such a case it is better to contact the post office for clarification of a situation. Possible causes of unsuccessful delivery attempts: the destination is not available, delivery is deferred and transferred. The recipient asked for later time of delivery.

Address problem – the address did not match the recipient’s building, rural or distant areas, etc. If you are sure that your cargo has been for sure delivered successfully, you can also ignore this information. Tip: In general, the carrier has a collection period,  and we advise you to take the parcel away at once, or it may be returned to sender.


What does it mean, when you see “Delivered” status after Professional courier tracking? Departure is successfully delivered to the recipient. Possible reasons: In most cases, this status indicates that the recipient has received the administration. But if you have not received it, we recommend that you contact the sender or a delivery service for more information.


For a full control over the situation and correct interpretation of the status and there is our service . With simple and intuitive interface you will always see the most up to date information relating to the delivery of your  Professional courier parcel. To do this online at our resource, you just need to know your parcel tracking number. The track number you enter in a special box at the top of the site and press “enter”. After that, the system will show you the current status of your shipment delivering.


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