4 Reasons Why You Should Learn Calligraphy


1. Calligraphy Trains Your Character

If you think writing an essay is difficult, try copying out a paragraph from your favourite book in calligraphy, modern or traditional. The amount of focus that goes into it, aiming for consistency in every alphabet, says it all. Discipline in practice, patience in progress.

2. Calligraphy Helps You Slow Down and Think

Calligraphy requires you to slow down and observe every single letter form you create.

3. Keeping to Our Roots

Even with the growth of technology, we will always have very distinct roots in the pen and pencil, and you know what? Some things, like traditions and culture worth preserving.

4.) Calligraphy and Writing can be Therapeutic

There’s a reason why people keep diaries.

Studies have shown that writing, and by extension calligraphy, has a positive psychological effect on the writer. Especially in the cases of patients suffering from life-threatening or terminal illnesses, people struggling with psychological problems or even just stressed out people.