Great! I have enough silver to buy black desert

Great! I have enough silver to buy  BDO Items  and since none have dropped to me and I’ve been to Kzarka several times where exactly no loot as dropped, I’ll just grab one off the AH. Oh what’s this bidding system? Oh I see they added a bidding system for rare items that are expensive. Cool! At least more people have a chance at getting one. Wait what? My bid failed and the item dropped to the general pool? Wtf is that? How can there be no winning bid at all? What’s the point of even having a bid system if no one at all wins the bid? Is it just to annoy me? Whatever, I guess I need to hit refresh and click on purchase. 30 timers and 30 failed bids later, an uncomfortable amount of time spent staring at “-”

on the AH window, I get a captcha of “one one” on a liverto purchase at 3-4am and win one! Whoa sweeeeeet! Finally have a liverto. Lemme enchant this thing so it’s better than my Yuria Staff of Crimson Flame. Nice, got it up pretty far in enhancement level but it’s still not high enough damage compared to my enhanced Yuria. No big deal, lemme restore the max durability. Whoa there! What I need memory fragments? Ok. Hmm memory fragments are going for around 600k, and that’s to repair 1 durability out of 100. Would actually be cheaper to buy another liverto and repair durability with that, but man that sounds like quite the hassle after what I’ve been through on the AH.

There must be another way. Oh what? Ancient relic crystal shards? Ok no problem. Damn those cost as much as memory fragments but I hear they yield more than they cost. Lemme dump 13 mil into 5 scrolls and join a a 5 scroll group. Wow what everything dies in 2 hits? Ok whatever, at least I got 40 mem fragments. Cool I restored 40 durability to my liverto now I can rinse & repeat enhancement attempts.

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