Center for the Dental Arts Offers Porcelain Veneers in Fort Lauderdale to Correct a Host of Problems

Fort Lauderdale, Florida–For nearly three decades, Dr. Blum at the Center for the Dental Arts has been the community leader for providing the types of cosmetic dentistry procedures that create beautiful smiles that are a staple in the Fort Lauderdale region. By offering porcelain veneers in Fort Lauderdale, patients can see a dramatic difference in the appearance of their teeth in just two visits. Thanks to advanced techniques, porcelain veneers can be applied quickly, offering a long lasting solution to crooked, gapped, broken, or stained teeth.

One of the biggest reasons that patients prefer getting porcelain veneers in Fort Lauderdale ( to other solutions is that the natural tooth structure is preserved with the soft tissue remaining intact. The veneers also last longer than bleaching or bonding and they provide a barrier that is resistant to stains and chips, keeping them from becoming broken and discolored over time.

What to Expect When You Get Porcelain Veneers in Fort Lauderdale

Before the porcelain veneers are applied, approximately half a millimeter of the surface is shaved from the front of the tooth so that the veneers will bond. This is about the thickness of a fingernail. A laminate is then placed over the tooth and bonded in place so that it becomes a part of the tooth. The laminates are sculpted and colored to give your teeth the most natural-looking smile. Getting porcelain veneers in Fort Lauderdale is a fast, simple process that produces immediate, dramatic results. They can also correct crooked teeth and prevent you from having to wear braces.

Dr. Blum also offers crowns and bridges, dentures, dental implants and Lumineers veneers to address a number of situations. The Center for the Dental Arts is dedicated to providing each patient with the procedures they need for their most beautiful smile while also taking the steps needed to ensure they have a pain-free, comfortable experience every time they visit. Getting porcelain veneers in Fort Lauderdale is just one way that patients can achieve a more attractive smile in a short period of time. Contact the Center for the Dental Arts to schedule an appointment and create a custom dental plan for your needs.

About Center for the Dental Arts

The Center for the Dental Arts ( is a private dental practice run by Dr. Michael Blum. Dr. Blum and his staff have been providing outstanding dental service in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area for more than twenty-six years. The Center focuses on cosmetic and implant dentistry to help patients achieve their most beautiful smiles. Their services include extended hours, easy patient plans, and sedation dentistry for the comfort and convenience of their patients. Their goal is to provide patients with pain-free solutions that will make going to the dentist a comfortable experience.