Multivendor Online shopping cart for onlinepreneurs

A social ecommerce shopping cart from AppKodes is about to upgrade its version bigger with some more user-friendly features. This online shopping cart its to the entrepreneurs who targets b2b and b2c type of online business. Since this script already renowned to its user-interface the team wants to add up more to cater the user’s need.

Well a social ecommerce website will have features from media like @users, #tags, community based environment, notifications, news feeds, stories and social media sharing. What will be next to enhance it more? Why not story collage.

Story collage is now the most exclusive features which many users loves. As story collage will exactly portrays what is to be described. So why not to add that feature in an online shopping cart website to add a set of products you love from the website and just make it a collage story and share it to your friends. Isn’t that really sounds cool.

So the baseline behind designing an online store with social engagement feature is to make user’s shopping experience to the convenient level with fun. This new version upgrade approaching soon.

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