Ombia Derma: I prefer to blend them and mix them employing a blender and drink freshly created juices from all the above mentioned greens. Sometimes I even apply cucumber over my eyes while taking a sunbath protected with Golden Beauty gel cream; it’s a great approach to tan your body and skin.

If you drink at least 2 litres of water a day and a mix of the higher than mentioned fruits and veggies along with Golden Beauty Ombia Derma you can guarantee the most effective result doable to not solely protect your skin but additionally to make it a lot of vibrant, sleek and itchy free!

In my opinion GB is the simplest when sun care cream for face and body. I’ve got tried several alternative creams and lotions in the past but none of them gave me the outstanding results such as this one. I would undoubtedly recommend attempting and probable turning into the long lasting customer of GB after sun repairing gel cream.

Golden Beauty creams are a touch expensive for a reason, they normally cost over $fifty each! There are expensive for a reason! They’re simply the best lotion you’ll be able to notice on the present market that will not only defend your skin however create it more vibrant and young looking tanning skin.

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