Frank V. Savona: A Staten Island Attorney with a Broad Range of Legal Experience

Staten Island, New York – One of the first things any person should consider when looking for a Staten Island attorney is the amount of experience they have under their belt. In addition to nearly twenty years of related experience, Frank V. Savona has also worked across a broad range of fields to pursue and protect the interest of his clients. His area of specialty is in real estate including representation and guidance for sellers, buyers and lenders. Not only is getting a Staten Island lawyer for guidance through any real estate transaction always recommended; it is also a good idea to make a well-thought-out choice in the person who will fill that position.

Even the best lawyer with an impressive record of wins will not be effective if they have not gained their experience in the area where the case will be. Hiring an experienced Staten Island attorney ( who is familiar with the courts, laws and common practices in the real estate market will be to their advantage. An attorney like Frank Savona can navigate any real estate transaction and make it a faster process that is more precise and more beneficial to his clients.

Many people overlook the necessity to hire a Staten Island attorney when they want to buy or sell property. Few people have the finances to pay for a real estate purchase in full. That means that there will be financing arrangements that must be entered into and signed. Without the legal understanding of the terms and other details of the agreement, the individual can easily enter into an agreement that is not acceptable to them or which they are unable to meet. The expertise of the Staten Island attorney will allow him to look over all related documents and make sure that the buyer or seller gets a fair transaction.

The real estate industry is a complex one that has many legal components. Only an experienced Staten Island attorney like Frank Savona has the knowledge and expertise to understand the details of any agreement and knows the options that are available on both sides of the deal. Investing into a qualified attorney before the sale is made could result in greater satisfaction in the results of the deal for many years to come.

About Frank Savona Attorney & Counselor at Law

Attorney Frank Savona ( is a New York attorney with nearly two decades of experience representing his clients’ interests. His area of specialty is in real estate transactions and his broad range of services extends to financing, wills and contracts. Mr. Savona has represented both purchasers and lenders in residential and commercial property transactions throughout New York City and Long Island. His experience includes working on some of the most complex transactions in real estate, making him a valuable asset to any one selling or purchasing real estate.