Frank Savona: Staten Island Attorney with Experience in a Broad Range of Legal Areas

Staten Island, New York – New York Attorney Frank Savona brings a great deal of experience to the table for anyone who is buying or selling real estate. His nearly twenty years of representing clients make Mr. Savona ( the perfect Staten Island lawyer for anyone who is facing a complex real estate transaction. He has a great wealth of knowledge and has worked on complex cases from various angles. Whether clients are sellers, buyers, or financers, he has the ability to navigate each situation to pursue the interests of those he represents.

Real estate transactions that are by nature complex are even more so because of economic uncertainty that exists today. When looking to buy or sell real estate at the best time and at the right time, having the type of expert guidance available from this Staten Island lawyer can make a significant difference in the success of the transaction. Every person has the right to have their interests protected so that they don’t end up making an agreement that turns out to be a burden in the near or distant future.

As a Staten Island lawyer who represents all types of clients in real estate transactions, Frank Savona can assist clients with:

•    As Is Transactions
•    Residential Transactions
•    Commercial Transactions
•    Title Review and Analysis

In any of these areas, even a seemingly minor problem can result in major trouble at any time in the future. The time to evaluate a transaction and determine its value is before the agreement has been made. Frank Savona offers a free consultation so that clients can explain their situation and concerns to determine what their approach should be.

In addition to his expertise in all matters related to real estate, Attorney Frank Savona is also an experienced Staten Island lawyer for clients who need expert contract preparation and negation to protect them from unforeseen consequences. Additional services include wills, deed, power of attorney, risk analysis and assessment, and notary public services. Experience is the first quality that anyone should consider when hiring a Staten Island lawyer. Frank V. Savona has the diversity and depth of experience that make him the first choice for New York residents who want someone they can rely on to protect their interests.

About Frank Savona Attorney & Counselor at Law

Attorney Frank Savona ( is a New York attorney with nearly two decades of experience representing his clients’ interests. His area of specialty is in real estate transactions and his broad range of services extends to financing, wills and contracts. Mr. Savona has represented both purchasers and lenders in residential and commercial property transactions throughout New York City and Long Island. His experience includes working on some of the most complex transactions in real estate, making him a valuable asset to any one selling or purchasing real estate.