Oil Storage Industry: rise in demand across globe with new planned upstream projects.

oil storage

The global Oil Storage Industry is prominent and usually operated by state owned companies and billion dollar corporations. The crude oil that has been extracted by FPSO or the oil plants is stored here for the future use. Storage oil tanks can store up to some million gallons of crude oil at once.

Since everyone is concerned over the environment in every industry to reduce pollution, the oil storage tank design is specialized to minimize the leakage and spills. Thus, reducing the contamination of the surroundings as well as reducing the loss of oil that can be processed further. These are the factors that drive the global Oil Storage Industry.

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The Oil Storage Industry can be segmented into categories by planned oil storage terminals, by new storage terminals and capacity expansions and by regions.

By planned oil storage terminals: detailed report on the planned oil storage terminals for the upcoming term of 2015-2020 at new planned upstream projects and oil rigs.

By new storage terminals and capacity expansions: detailed report on the new oil storage terminals and their capacity expansions in the regions mentioned in the report.

Geographical Brief:
Oil storage industry by regions: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania and South America.

This report gives a detailed report of each specified oil storage unit in the oil storage industry as well as the comparison of various storage terminals for better assessment of the market. Millions of gallons of crude oil are stored in these tankers for storage as well as inventory by oil corporations.

In oil storage industry, Crude oil is bought at lower prices when the market is down and stored in these terminals to be sold when the prices are up in the market.

This report presents the storage capacity, new planned terminals details and the annual capital expenditure of the country on oil storage for a clear understanding about oil storage industry. This industry is profitable for the investment of a large capital amount that can be accounted by multi-million dollar corporations.

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