Global Refinery Security Market to Expand owing to Increased Physical and Cyber Threats

1280px-ArabiDominoSugarFromAlgiers19May06AOil and gas production refineries are critical to the economy of every country and, as such, they need to be safeguarded from unauthorized entries with the right precautionary measures. The need for refinery security also arises from the fact that they are highly explosive and hazardous areas and need to be carefully dealt with. Moreover, effective perimeter security and detection of intruders are a must for all refineries as they are highly in demand due to rising fuel costs. Refineries include power stations, petrochemical plants, oil refineries, and gas stations.

In- Depth Information for the Market of Refinery Security:

Refineries are assets that need massive capital and long maturation or gestation periods for their successful construction. The global refinery security market is driven by the rising political unrest surrounding the hydrocarbon sector, which makes it essential to safeguard a country’s assets. Carelessness regarding refinery security can cripple a country’s economy and result in high financial and other losses.

The increase in cyber threats, along with the preexisting physical ones, is expected to ensure the growth of the global refinery security market. With technological advancements and in an era in which cyber-crimes are so prominent, oil and gas refineries are no longer safe. Thus, there is a need for refinery security measures that protect refineries from cyber-crimes as well as physical intrusion. Increasing government-imposed security compliance regulations due to the growing security threats from terrorist organizations and cyber criminals are playing a significant role in driving the global refinery security market.

On the basis of security type, the global refinery security market is segmented into physical security and cyber security. Types of cyber security solutions available in the market include firewalls, anti-viruses, secure wireless connections, and secure wired connections. Physical security provisions include peripheral security, building management systems, and others. Business continuity and disaster recovery systems are also finding their way into the refinery security market.

Analysis Report for Refinery Security:

The major geographical segments studied in the report are Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. While many refineries are shut down in Europe owing to the recent economic slowdown, new installations have been planned in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Russia. Leading market players profiled in the report are: Siemens AG, ABB Ltd., Lockheed Martin, and CISCO.