Food Stabilizer Market Will Be Net Worth to US$9.26 bn Globally by 2021 Says Transparency Market Research

Food Stabilizer1Food stabilizer is an important additive to food products that is used to maintain the quality of food products in terms of texture, viscosity and mouth feel. Moreover, food stabilizer helps to increase the shelf life of packaged and convenience food products by protecting from microbial growth or chemical reactions. Stabilization of food products can be done using both natural and synthetic food stabilizers. Natural food stabilizer include sodium alginate, agar and guar among others. Moreover, ammonium phosphatides diphosphates dicalcium, glycerin and triphosphates sodium are some of the synthetic food stabilizer used for the same purpose. The global food stabilizer market is predicted to witness a steady growth throughout the forecast period from 2015 to 2021. For the purpose of our research, the global food stabilizer market can be segmented based on function, application and geography. Based on function, the global food stabilizer market can classified into stabilizing function, moisturizing function and texturing function among others.

Food stabilizer also finds its application across various category of food products such as bakery, dairy products, confectionary, beverages, convenience food and others. The other segment includes sauces, dressings, fish products, poultry, and meat.Moreover, cross sectional analysis of all the above segments has been provided in this report with respect to different geographical regions such as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Rest of the World (RoW).

The report also focus on the present market situation and provide the forecast for the period 2015 to 2021. In addition various micro and macro-economic factors that are anticipated to affect the growth of the food stabilizer market across various region has been highlighted in this study.

Depending on the function, stabilizing function held the largest market share in 2014, and accounted for 40.0% share. Food items need to be stored by adding stabilizer and preservatives, which reduces the chances of bacterial and microbial growth. However, this segment is expected to lose its dominance owing to consumer’s inclination towards confectionary food segment which requires food stabilizers used for texturing function. Stabilizers such as agar, carrageenan and locust been gum are used to impart the desired level of texture in food products.

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Among the different applications, the dairy products segment accounted the largest market share in 2014. Being perishable, food stabilizers are used extensively across various dairy products in order to maintain the required volume, texture, and mouth feel to these products. Moreover, food stabilizer are also used to increase the shelf life of dairy products. In addition, owing to increasing number of working population globally coupled with busy life schedule the demand for convenience food is expected to increase. This in turn is responsible for the robust demand of food stabilizers in order to maintain the required protein stability, texture, and whippability.

Geographically, Europe held the largest market for food stabilizer globally. Owing to busy lifestyle, the demand for processed food in European region is anticipated to increase in the coming years. Increasing demand for processed and packaged food is expected to trigger the demand of food stabilizer during the forecast period. The food stabilizer market of Europe is followed by North America. Rising health consciousness among the consumers in North America is anticipated to boost the demand for dairy and ready to eat products having proper nutritional value.This in turn is also predicted to drive the market for food stabilizers in the coming years. However, Asia Pacific region is anticipated to experience the fastest growing market. Rapid economic development in developing countries such as India, China and Japan leads to an increase in the disposable income of consumers. Growing urbanization in Asia Pacific region coupled with increasing disposable income is predicted to increase the demand of packaged food products. Consequently, this is forecasted to create a better opportunity for the food stabilizer market in the coming years.

Some of the major players of the global food stabilizer market include E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company, Cargill Inc., Glanbia Nutritionals, Advanced Food System Inc. and AshlandInc. among others.