Chapel Hill Puppy Training Can Help Any Puppy

If you have a dog it is essential to seek professional assistance to ensure the dog is trained properly.  This will ensure they are well behaved and a pleasure to take anywhere with you.  Chapel Hill Puppy Training ( business Top Dog training and Resort are based in Hillsborough, North Caroline and offer a range of services.  They will train any age dog although it I generally much easier to train a puppy; they are more responsive and not set in their ways.

Most trainers will tell you about the importance of consistency when training; in fact, training is about developing an understanding of the dog and what they react to.  Top Dog Training will adapt their teaching methods to suit the dog; they appreciate that not every dog is the same and they will cater for the approach that best suits the dog.  This may mean training them one on one, or in a group; indeed, it may even mean mixing these training techniques.

There business offers a variety of group training classes which usually last for six weeks with one lesson a week.  However, it is also possible for your dog to board at the resort.  Your dog will have a training session every day for three weeks with the on-site trainers; this will ensure your dog is fully trained.  At the end of the course you will need to have a session with the dog and the trainers to ensure they hand over control properly.  Before this session is finished the dog will respond to you in the same way it has been responding to them over the last three weeks.

Their course offers a range of commands which your dog is guaranteed to know and obey, including sit, stay, come, heel, drop it and more.  Alongside this they are happy to work on any more persuasive issues such as greeting visitors or excessive barking.  Each program is customized to the dog and the centre will be as flexible as possible to accommodate last minute bookings as well as future bookings.

About Top Dog Training and Resort

The firm offers a range of treatments including day school, training center, fitness center and a spa; all for dogs!  The business currently has three dedicated and knowledgeable trainers; between them they have got over twenty five years experience training dogs.

They believe in offering the very best service for both you and the dog; its health and happiness are their priority.  Should you choose the boarding option they would update you every week in respect of your dog’s progress.  The staff are extremely knowledgeable and do not judge, they know what it takes to become a trainer and that the majority of dog owners know next to nothing about training a dog.  If you go to them for assistance they will guide you gently through the process and ensure your dog and you bond as it learns to react to your commands.  To find out more call them on 919-423-8954, or visit their website at