Optical Coating Market Trends, Growth Analysis and Forecasts 2014 to 2021

Optical Coating

DecisionDatabases.com adds a new report on Optical Coating Market. The report “Optical Coating:Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide,2014 to 2021” analyses the complete market, industry’s growth trends, forecasts and market share.

Optical coatings are thin layers deposited on substrates of optical surfaces to improve its reflective and transmission properties. Optical coatings are usually done on optical surfaces like glass, polymer, metals and plastics. Optical coatings find applications in several industries including construction, defense, medical, electronics, telecommunication, transport and other end-user industries. Effective light transmission and anti-reflective properties of optical coatings have increased its demand globally.

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This report is analyzed and segmented on the basis of type, end-use and technology. On the basis of end-use this market is bifurcated into military & defense, solar, transportation, telecommunication/optical communication, electronics & semiconductor, infrastructure, medical and others. Based on type this market is classified as filter coatings, high reflective coatings, transparent conductive coatings, anti-reflective (AR) coatings, beamsplitter coatings, electrochromic (EC) coatings and others. Further this report is segmented by technology as e-beam evaporation, ion-assist deposition (IAD), sputtering process and vacuum deposition.

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Anti-reflective and high reflective coatings are fastest growing types of global optical coatings market. Antireflective coatings are widely used in infrastructure, optical light transmission and imaging industries. High reflective coatings have high demand in the construction, military and defense and telecommunication. Adoption of new technologies by defense industry for target setting, thermal imaging, security and surveillance further propels the growth of reflective coatings. This in turn potentially drives the growth of this market.

Market Report Analysis :

Electronics is the largest application segment of this market. Increase in demand for high-resolution displays and consumer electronics together augment the growth of this market. In addition government spending on infrastructural development in major developing economies coupled with high demand for innovative optical coating in construction industry surge market growth. Strong growth solar energy based systems and rapid adoption of solar energy as a green and safe energy is another significant factor to upsurge the growth of this market. High demand for optical coatings from laser transmission and medical industry will open key opportunities for this market over the forecast period. High prices or raw material will restrain market growth to some extent.

Best Region Of Market :

North America is the most dominant region of this market. Rise in adoption of new technologies in this region coupled with increased demand for optical coatings from defense system of this region surges the growth of this market in North America. Asia Pacific is a potential region for this market with rapid growth. Infrastructure development in major economies like India and China and production of optical coatings equipment in this region augment the growth of this market. Growth of telecommunication industry in India coupled with high demand for consumer electronics further propels the growth of Asia Pacific. Europe is also expected to witness faster growth over the forecast period. Latin America and MEA are expected to show considerable growth over the forecast. Major companies operating in global optical coatings market are Cascade Optical Corporation, Inrad optics, PPG Industries, Schott AG., Abrisa Technologies and Newport Corporation.


A. Optical Coating Market Analysis By Type :

1. Anti-reflective (AR) coatings
2. Beamsplitter Coatings
3. Electrochromic (EC) Coatings
4. Filter coatings

B. Optical Coating Market Analysis By Technology :

1. E-Beam Evaporation
2. Ion-Assist Deposition (IAD)
3. Sputtering Process
4. Vacuum Deposition

C. Optical Coating Market Analysis By End-users :

1. Electronics & Semiconductor
2. Infrastructure
3. Medical
4. Military & Defense
5. Solar

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