Vender, an Efficient Mobile Companion for Salespeople on the Go

Enjoy seamless prospect tracking and monitoring round-the-clock

Modern salespeople are now in for more convenience with Optimind Technology Solutions’ newly developed app – Vender.  Launched on January 26, 2016, the app is equipped with the most fundamental functions sales personnel need when it comes to monitoring and doing some follow-ups for their prospects.

Developers saw the need of sales personalities to have a lightweight tool fit for mobile use every time they head out to prospect. Vender is a tool built from this premise. Aside from its user-friendly size, the app’s interface is also made to make sure that users will not have any problems about clutter and hassle accessories that only disrupt the data inputted on the app.

Moreover, Vender is also equipped with a segregation-capable inbox that helps users manage the sales-related messages more effectively. This intuitive inbox provides helpful clues to easily identify the leads that are likely to generate more potential sales. Creating personalized logs and appointment schedules is also made easier.

With the tight competition in today’s market, Optimind understands the need to consistently battle with competitors by ensuring the products or services delivered are of high quality. A good way to start would be to find quality leads one can encourage to buy the product they offer. Vender is created to assist sellers on their search for these people.

The tool’s inclusive notification feature makes it easier for users to know if there’s a lead that requires instant attention. Its efficient communication log also helps in tracking all the vital communication details between a prospect client and that of the seller. Using this feature, one can easily identify the needs of the customers or review what went wrong with the transaction.

At present, Vender also has its Premium counterpart that features more advanced functions such as the auto-sync feature that backs up all the data stored in the app. This then allows salespeople to access the information even while on a non-mobile device. Another exciting feature is the web-based summary report that displays a graphic analysis report about leads.

Developers see Vender as the mobile solution for the growing need to manage more than one person in a circle. With this easy-to-use tool, sales people can continually provide the best service for their customers.

Anyone working in the field of sales, whether at a full or part time basis can use the app to take off some legwork in reminding themselves about the next prospect on their list. Its 24/7 functionality offers much flexibility to users who prefer scheduling their meetings outside the regular 9-5 working schedule.

Rather than just a mobile accessory, Vender serves as a practical app that delivers measurable results in the long run. So to those individuals who have troubles sticking to their schedule, using this as an organizer, reminder and tracker is a viable solution. One also doesn’t have to worry about it, occupying a huge space on your phone. It’s fast and lightweight.

You can download Vender’s 1.2 version for free from Google Play Store and Apple Store.