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Westwood, New Jersey – A DUI arrest is a terrifying time. People make the mistake of believing they have drunk less than they really have and end up paying a serious price for it. Once the arrest has been made, the defense attorney needs to go to work immediately preparing a DUI defense in Westwood NJ that will uphold the accused’s rights. The Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer ( has more than 35 years of experience fighting for their clients.

While a first-time DUI or DWI offense can be the most frightening, the individual has more at stake with each succeeding arrest. In addition to fines, they are at risk of losing their driving license and spending time in jail. To be charged in New Jersey, an individual who is 21 or older must have a BAC of .08% or higher. Additional factors will come into play in determining the severity of the case. Previous offenses and accidents that resulted from the driver’s condition can result in stiffer penalties. If your guilt leaves little room for doubt, your attorney will use his expertise to negotiate a fair deal and reduce your penalties. Otherwise, your DUI defense in Westwood NJ may consist of challenging the breathalyzer exam or other actions taken by the arresting officer.

People make mistakes every day and DUI and DWI in New Jersey is one offense that occurs with regularity. The Law Firm of Walter K Schreyer understands the propensity of humans to err and the rights they have under the law for a fair result. Once the arrest takes place, the clock begins ticking. You will have a limited amount of time to collect evidence, prepare your defense, and request a hearing to try and clear your name. That is the time to hire an experienced attorney who will start preparing your DUI defense in Westwood NJ right away.

Losing driving privileges can have severe consequences and prevent the accused individual from being able to work, take kids to school, or run essential errands they depend on each day. It can also cause a permanent stain on their driving record and their reputation. The quality of the DUI defense in Westwood NJ that is presented will help determine how severe and lasting the impact will be.

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