Flightcase Offers 24 / 7 Outsourced NOC services & Help Desk

For any business networks are the most important aspect as the entire communication is solely dependent on their networks. Hence it is rightly inferred that the state of the network operations defines the position of the business. In order to make one’s network up and running, a Network Operations Center (NOC) becomes an extension of the current running operations. Therefore, Managed NOC services that operates 24/7 to provide smooth functioning of the networks becomes a powerful tool to manage the work environment and protecting the company’s brand and image at the same time.

It is a well-known fact that if a company’s business is heavily dependent on network and computing infrastructure for its critical functions and applications, it is expected that latency, outages and security breaches can have a severe impact. The consequences for the same is expected to be experienced by the entire business cycle varying from operations to employee productivity to customer service and finally all the way to the bottom line of the business.

The sad truth for any organization is that the network infrastructure monitoring is often an afterthought in most of the cases.  There are businesses who critically depend on their network and computing infrastructure often fail to design and implement an adequate monitoring and remediation strategy and this is result of lack of resources, technical expertise and time. That is the major reason why companies need services from experts like us who have been in the industry offering the best network support services to their clients as it becomes too complex and challenging for many businesses if they start doing it themselves.

At Flightcase, we believe in assisting our clients with a seamless experience of owning a 24/7 Managed NOC Services without actually having to invest into oneself. Our Managed NOC Services is designed in such a way that it can act as an extension to the company’s current setup/infrastructure. Our skilled NOC resources work with the company’s current tools ensuring that our clients enjoy uninterrupted services during the transition. The technical support that we promise to our clients is unmatched to industry standards and ensures 24x7x365 NOC support services. With the effective handling of more than 90% of the routine tickets, our NOC team shares the labour-intensive responsibility of the business of the clients helping them to save upon their operational cost and allowing them to focus on their strengths that would add value to their business.

24 / 7 Outsourced NOC services & Help Desk

A NOC monitoring center helps the companies having smooth running operations 24/7 with their experienced engineers who diligently monitor and maintain network devices, enterprise servers, databases and applications. Precisely, if any anomaly is encountered in infrastructure, health, security or capacity, the Managed Service Providers work tirelessly towards it to provide the clients with the optimal network performance all the time.

The basic challenge for any company lies in the fact that it is practically difficult for them to afford to have an on-site support engineer who will be managed IT support services 24/7. So Managed Service Providers come into the picture to resolve this issue providing their monitoring and remediation solution. This solution is a 24/7 service that holistically keeps a tap on the entire network infrastructure servers, routers, switches, firewalls, unified communications equipment, edge and other attached devices. This service helps the Managed Service Providers to monitor and proactively respond to issues within the network on a continuous basis, from alert reporting to 100% problem ownership.