Alviera—Live The Life You Always Dreamed Of!

Today, the real estate market is teeming with innumerable communities with various options and multifaceted features—both an advantage and a disadvantage to the potential Filipino homebuyer. Limitless as your options may be, choosing the perfect and most ideal place to live is still a daunting and arduous task. Every Filipino homebuyer has very distinct needs and these needs would greatly vary according to their lifestyles. This is why choosing the best place to live is incredibly paramount as this is a pivotal factor in fostering family ties and strengthening relationships as well as cultivating great memories. However, there is a real estate development that created communities that go beyond the ordinary expectations of a Filipino homebuyer. They take it a step further and create not only just a community that shelters its residents but a community that seeks to enhance and develop the very lifestyle of a Filipino homebuyer. Through their company’s vision and mission, they aim to have a holistic approach in providing Filipinos a community to live in.

So, if you have ever envisioned living in a community where you can wake up to the lush and verdant outdoors, work just right beside nature, learn on its abundant greeneries, and be surrounded by the aesthetics and wonder of nature you are in luck. Today, your dream of living in a community such as this is now very much possible as these are waiting for you right at your doorstep in Alviera.  Located in the heart of Central Luzon, Pampanga Porac and boasting a sprawling 1,100-hectare land comes a joint project from AyalaLand and Leonioland that features a mixed-use master planned community. On a general scale, Alviera is an eclectic fusion of urban and natural elements essential to augmenting the everyday lifestyle of its residents. As a result, they have created a truly unique community that seamlessly tied and integrated urban living with nature—guaranteeing you a one of a kind lifestyle that is in congruence with the wonderful and beautiful floras and fauna of Porac. This mixed-used township based in Porac will have the ease of access provided for by the NLEX and SCTEX as it is located within the Subic-Clark corridor. Alviera’s vision for the development is to institute an all-inclusive progressive growth center in Central Luzon, which could serve as the base for commerce and industry.

To ensure that livelihood opportunities are met, Alviera has a program for the nearby communities that are intended to address their very needs and concerns. This guarantees that their needs and concerns are adequately addressed which would economically benefit these communities by providing opportunities. Apart from growing profitable opportunities, Alviera features entertainment and relaxation options as well.  The very first attraction Alviera launched is the Sandbox, a truly memorable and unique outdoor experience that offers visitors some attractions. These attractions feature adventure courses that would give you a thrilling preview of what you can expect in Alviera. This is just one of the many factors that make living in Alviera indeed an inimitable experience. So, if you had long since wanted to live in a truly exceptional place with a distinctive flair for fusing life’s essential elements such as work and play, then come to Alviera, make your dreams come true and invest in a lifestyle that is undeniably one of a kind.