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For many years men have been trying to impress women with some of the best and finest jewelry thy can afford. Like the male penguin that brings rocks to the female penguin in order to impress her men may do just the same just to get her attention, or to show her that he cares for her. Jewelry can be made with many different kinds of materials platinum, gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and many more. The most common one that we are used to are diamonds. They are by far one of the most sought out for gems, for its clarity and sharpness. Rings, necklaces bracelets, and watches are adorned with gems to sell for a much higher price. Statistically more women wear jewelry than men do, they prefer to wear more accessories than the opposite ***. Jewelry has always been heavily targeted towards women, men do occasionally buy items for themselves or are gifted a piece form someone they love. Typically, though men do not buy jewelry for themselves. Advertisements are also targeted to mean to get them to buy that new necklace for the wives or partners.
An example of a company going for the female demographic is John Hardy. John hardy strictly goes for women who are looking into buying bracelets. They have a huge assortment filled with different styles to fit the needs of any woman looking for a bracelet. Bracelets covered with gold, made out silver, bejeweled with gems. Bracelets can start from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. They come in different shapes; you can get one in the shape of insects like a ladybug, a butterfly or a beetle. Alternatively, if that is not your thing you can get animals snake, turtle, eagle, and wolf.



You can get john hardy jewelry at Moyer Fine Jewelers. They have all of the products that were mention and much more. John hardy jewelry sells its products to Moyer who then in turn sells it to the consumer for a profit. They will have many bracelets in stock for their customers to choose from. If they do not have an item that you would have like they will surely have it shipped in for you. Moyer Fine Jewelers will want to have the best customer service to ensure that they sell the most jewelry they possibly can, and like most advertisements they will surely target women, and will convince men to buy it for them.



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