Global Carbonated Beverages Market to be Driven by Increasing Demand for Processed Food Worldwide

carbonated beverages1While demand for carbonated beverages has been increasing at a constant pace from the developing countries of the world, rising health and environmental concerns, and declining consumption from developed countries keep presenting growth concerns.

Transparency Market Research’s report on the global carbonated beverages market provides insightful data on key developments in the industry.

The findings of the report are poised to help companies manufacturing carbonated beverages formulate effective strategies for addressing changing market needs. The findings also set a path for the industry through 2018 to help it maintain a strong foundation upon which partnerships and collaborative programs could be built.

The report is a comprehensive analysis of current trends, growth drivers and restraints in the global carbonated beverages market. It presents calculated market estimations for the next five years. With Porter’s five forces analysis model, it presents an overview of recent developments in the market and associated technologies. The report also presents an analysis of the micro as well as macro factors essential for sustaining in the highly-segmented market, which is ruled by a few international players.

A wide array of graphics in the report makes for easy comprehension of the complex market data. Moreover, the use of SWOT analysis and a study of the value-chain would help businesses stay abreast of opportunities and threats in the carbonated beverages market.

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Overview of the global carbonated beverages market

Consumer health concerns continue to drive business strategies in the global carbonated beverages market. The market has moved far beyond offering low-sugar, low-calorie or diet varieties of drinks. Manufacturers are now increasingly concentrating on reformulation of product lines to include natural rather than artificial additives in their products.

The consumption levels of carbonated drinks have remained either static or have declined in many parts of developed geographic regions. It is due to this that many leading manufacturers are targeting emerging economies such as India and China where the demand is still constant.

Although flavors such as cola, lemon and orange are most preferred, the consumer is keen on trying out innovative and novel flavors. This has led to the emergence of product lines based on tropical fruits and superfruits (with the latter having a certain degree of health appeal), and fusion of flavors for increasing a drink’s novelty value.

Segmenting the global carbonated beverages market on the basis of type, the report focuses majorly on carbonated beverages regular, carbonated beverages diet, lemon /lime beverages regular, and lemon /lime beverages diet. Each of these segments is analyzed at great depth in the report, and threats, opportunities, strength and weaknesses for each are highlighted. Geographically, the market is divided in North America, Europe, APAC, and the ROW regions.

Companies mentioned in the research report

The global carbonated beverages market is highly fragmented with only a few major companies holding the majority of market shares. The key market players that dominate the market include Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Cadbury Schweppes, and Cott Corporation.