– the First Interactive B2B Portal Launched

DOZ, Dubai ( ) June 7, 2016 – Shield Business Solutions is proud to announce the launch of the first interactive business to business portal – leave the Social Media for the personal matters and join the first Business Media. serves business of all sizes on four levels:


Shield Business Solutions believe that networking is one of the basic pillars for a successful business. Hence, was created to allow business around the world to connect on a business level and to facilitate business to business networking. Keeping in touch with buyers and sellers via the live chat feature makes it very easy to communicate in such a fast business environment. “Imagine a world where you can have one platform including all businesses in the world and they are approachable and interactive online!”


Eventually businesses are seeking such relations to conduct business– that is to buy from and / or sell to each other. allows such transactions to take place by providing Live Tenders feature where members can post tenders to procure their required product or service so their suppliers (other members) can compete over such business in Real Time which guarantees:

– Transparency of the purchasing process, so no opportunity loss for both buyers and sellers

– The cheapest price for the buyers and fair opportunity for the sellers

– Efficient procurement process with no wasted time and effort for both buyers and sellers

Promotion: also helps businesses around the world in promoting themselves by allowing members to showcase their products and services and get feedback about their activities via the News Feed page.

The New Feed page is the members’ tool to keep their customers informed about their company news and also allow members to get instant ‘private’ feedback on such news. It also allows members to know what their buyers and suppliers are up to.


Members will be getting information they need about each other automatically on the Notification page. “Whenever your supplier or buyer decides to add a new product line, add a new product, or even discontinue a service as soon as they update their profile, you will be notified. Whenever your buyer is ready to buy and post a tender, you will be notified automatically”, says the company spokesperson.

Users can join and register their business on