Global Mushrooms Market Driven by Rising Awareness about Health Benefits, Rising Demand for Organic Products

Mushroom1Transparency Market Research has announced a new research study in their catalog of food and beverage industry research reports. The global mushroom market is the focus of study of the report. The report examines the trajectory of the global mushrooms market till 2011 and further presents forecasts regarding the market’s expected trajectory from 2012 to 2018. The report is titled ‘Mushroom Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 – 2018.’

Mushrooms are edible parts of certain fungi and are becoming increasingly popular across the world due to their low calorie content and high vitamin and mineral content. The high yield of mushrooms per unit land and their organic nature have also been instrumental in propelling the global mushrooms market.

The demand for organic food is growing across the world thanks to the growing public opposition to the use of synthetic chemicals in the production of produce. Mushrooms have become an important part of this movement in recent years since their nutritional profile being comparable to popular meats. Due to their texture, mushrooms have also become important in vegetarianism as a meat substitute.

The low calorie content of mushrooms is a major driver propelling the global mushrooms market. Due to the growing acknowledgement of the risks of the conventional high-carb diet popular around the world, foods such as mushrooms are growing in demand. Despite their low calorie content, mushrooms contain significant quantities of vitamin B and several minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, potassium, and, in some cases, selenium and copper. The increasing health awareness among the global population is thus the prime driver of the global mushroom market.

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On the other hand, the short shelf life of mushrooms is a major restraint on the mushrooms market. Since mushrooms contain no added preservatives, they can be stored for only a few days, unless frozen.

Mushrooms are sold frozen, chilled, canned, processed, and fresh in the global mushroom market. By application, the market is segmented into recipes, direct consumption, and food and beverage processing. The major types of mushrooms sold in the global mushrooms market are shitake, button, and oyster.

Regionally, the popularity of mushrooms in the traditional cuisines of East Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, and China has enabled the Asia Pacific market to take up a dominant share in the global market. However, despite their traditional popularity in this region, Europe is the largest production and processing hub for mushrooms. In the coming years, Europe is expected to exhibit promising growth in the global mushrooms market as the popularity of mushrooms catches up with the spread of processing facilities in the region.

The major players in the global mushrooms market analyzed in the report include Kulkarni Farm Fresh Pvt. Ltd., Agro Dutch Industries Ltd., Hughes Mushroom, Modern Mushroom Farms, Banken Champignons, The Mushroom Company, Drinkwater Mushrooms Ltd., Monterey Mushrooms, Inc., Ecolink Baltic, and Monaghan Mushrooms.