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A wedding is a treasured and momentous event, one that should be commemorated with wedding bands that are every bit as special as the lovers involved. A marriage lasts forever and no two young lovebirds want to imagine themselves sitting around the warm and cozy fireplace in fifty years showing off cheap ugly wedding bands to their beloved grandchildren. One brand that will ensure this nightmare of a travesty will not occur is the always trusted and well reviewed Simon G, producer of fine wedding bands that can be enjoyed for decades to come. Simon G wedding bands are as lovely and long lasting as the love that they symbolize. “Diamonds are forever,” as the saying goes, but Simon G manages to promise forever even for those who prefer plain wedding bands that do not contain any diamonds!

Simon G has a variety of different wedding bands available so that couples can choose similar bands or reflect their unique personalities by each choosing something personal. Simon G wedding bands come in white gold, traditional yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Customers can choose to have diamonds or gems or more sleek, contemporary bands that are plainer yet still reflecting the beautiful nature of a loving relationship. Simon G’s men’s collection alone contains 45 different rings to choose from, ranging from simple bands to ornate thick rings that are drowning in beautiful diamonds.

If you’re seeking out a Simon G wedding band, there are many authorized retailers to choose from. One that has certainly made its mark in Totowa, New Jersey is Kevin’s Fine Jewelry, located on Union Boulevard, and now with other locations to choose from as well. Kevin’s Fine Jewelry prides itself on being the “forever” jeweler with a long standing goal of making sure all customers leave satisfied, whether they are purchasing a watch, a wedding band, or an engagement ring. Kevin’s Fine Jewelry regularly stocks 21 different Simon G wedding bands for men and women, from every line, including the exquisite and ornate Simon Set series all the way down to the more simplified Delicate and Passion lines. Kevin’s Fine Jewelry’s main store is located in Totowa, but they also have a secondary store in Denville, New Jersey on Broadway that is open five days a week, and orders can now be processed online as well. Kevin’s Fine Jewelry stocks not just wedding bands, but also watches, necklaces, bracelets, and engagement rings.

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