India Household Cleaning Market announces a report on “India Household Cleaning Market Outlook”. The surface cleaning market is growing mainly because of rising awareness about brands due to heavy promotion by leading companies.

This report gives an in-depth analysis of household cleaning industry. The household cleaning industry in India is highly unorganized and the size of unorganized sector is three times than that of organized one. However, this report includes only the organized sector i.e. the branded household cleaning market. The organized household cleaning market in India is mainly split into three broad categories viz. utensil cleaner, toilet cleaner and surface cleaner. Utensil cleaners are further split into dishwashing bar, liquid, powder and pastes. Toilet cleaners consist of liquid cleaners, in-cisterns & rim blocks whereas surface cleaners are split into floor cleaner, specialized and multipurpose cleaners. The specialized cleaners are further split, based on their application areas.

According to “India Household Cleaning Market Outlook, 2021”, the overall market for household cleaning is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 22.74% in the next five years. In utensil cleaning category, dishwashing bars dominate market revenues, followed by liquid cleaners whereas dishwashing paste has negligible contribution. Consumers in urban areas are now upgrading to dishwashing liquids which are expected to register robust growth in the forecast period. Powder based utensil cleaners are now set to diminish from the market. The surface cleaning market is growing mainly because of rising awareness about brands due to heavy promotion by leading companies. Floor cleaners dominate category revenues, followed by specialized and multi-purpose cleaners. Surface cleaners are targeted mainly at urban households and thus are more popular in urban markets.

“Liquid toilet cleaners are popular in Indian market because of low unit prices and age old preference of consumers. Toilet in-cisterns and rim blocks are growing very fast due to their enhanced cleaning methods and easy to use advantages. Household cleaning products are largely sold through modern retail stores like supermarkets, hypermarkets and malls. Traditional grocery stores are reluctant to store them on their shelves because of their high price and low probability of selling. Online sales of household cleaning products remain negligible; however expected to grow in future due to rising mobile phone and internet penetration in the country. Major companies in the household cleaning market include Hindustan Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Jyothy Laboratories, Rohit Surfactants, Dabur India, SC Johnson etc. Major brands operating in the industry are Vim, Harpic, Pril, Exo, Xpert, Lizol, Domex, Colin, Sani Fresh, Cif, Mr Muscle, Easy Off Bang, Dazzl, Dettol etc.

Key Categories

• Utensil Cleaner
• Surface Cleaner
• Toilet Cleaner

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