And some credit belongs to Smith as well for NBA games

And some credit belongs to Smith as well for  Black desert iteams ,
including just 1-of-5 from the 3-point line, that Golden State’s Klay Thompson
sputtered through in Game 1 of The Finals Thursday at Oracle Arena. Holding that
guy, nearly as dangerous as sidekick Steph Curry in the Warriors’ backcourt, to
just nine points is generally a building block of victory, though it didn’t quite
work that way with Golden State taking the championship series opener, 104-89.
Trouble was, Smith himself scored only three points. And, worse, took only three
shots. In 36 minutes.
This wasn’t a case, either, of Cleveland willingly sacrificing Smith’s offense so
he could devote all his energy to shadowing and pestering Thompson. The Cavs can’t
afford to give up Smith’s deep shooting game because of the way it opens the floor
for other parts of their attack. Nor can they go without his streaky, no-no-yes
ability to launch and make bail-out shots that beat the 24-second clock or
otherwise break the backs of   .