Beautiful Diamond Necklaces From Top Designers

In today’s world, the diamond symbolizes many things. Whether used to express love or to mark a milestone in one’s life, these times deserve the right commemoration- with just the right jewelry. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend; sought after because of their beauty and strength, who wouldn’t want one? The rare king of gems, a valuable investment not only in a relationship but also in the future, is a precious and meaningful purchase. It can be difficult to get a good deal on what you want and to know the value of what you desire.

Corinne Jewelers is the one place to go to find what one needs in terms of diamonds. Not only do they have the finest selection of diamonds, but especially when regarding diamond necklaces. Their selection is beautiful, and full of flair. Finding just the right piece is a personal but at the same time difficult choice-it’s of the utmost importance to receive the right help. At Corinne’s Jewelers, any and all staff is available and ready to be of help- they are extremely knowledgeable regarding the many facets that determine a diamond’s value with over 50 years in experience. Any taste can be satisfied- whether a chic pendant is sought after or an aerial triple diamond necklace. Corinne Jewelers sells pieces from all of the top designers; Torque,Hearts on Fire, Madison L, Simon G, Ti Sento, Victorinox, Aspiri, and Citizen are only a few of the many featured designers at their store. Hearts on Fire diamonds are an example of the innovative and varying selection at the Corinne Jewelers store; this designer has a diamond with fifty-eight facets, returning 98% of light, and results in the perfect cut every time. They also cull their selection from the best 1% of diamonds in the world. Being just one designer in the vast selection available, they exemplify Corinne’s selectiveness and values when it comes to jewelry.

Established in 1964, Corinne Jewelers has been run by family for generations in Toms River, New Jersey. With the biggest selection in the entire area, one can expect to have not only their questions answered but all of the needs or wants satisfied (and on a budget!) Being the most cherished gift one can give, one should always go to a reputable and helpful place when seeking out a gorgeous diamond necklace to treasure in the years to come.

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