How to Remove Drywall Anchors from wall

There are a few reasons you might need to expel Drywall Anchors from a wall. You’ve either introduced the Anchor in the wrong place or you’re revamping your wall and don’t need the Anchor to be seen. Regardless, you’ll have to know how to expel your Wall anchors. Here’s the means by which to do it.

Step 1 – Remove Your Anchor

Somewhere in the range of Anchors, such at a strung Anchor, can undoubtedly be expel by pulling or unscrewing it from its gap in the wall. Utilize a screw driver to back the Anchor out of the wall in the event that it has been screwed into the drywall. With nearly Anchors you can back it out of the wall. With others, this may not work.

Step 2 – Push Your Anchor into the wall

There is some drywall screw that you won’t have the capacity to pull out of the wall. With these, basically push them into the wall by hitting them with a mallet and a screwdriver until the Anchor is pushed over into the drywall or until pushed into the space behind the drywall.

Step 3 – Fill and Paint Your Anchor Hole

In the event that you don’t plan to utilize your abandoned Anchor gap to introduce another Anchor, basically fill it with putty or drywall compound and paint it.