Greek Restaurant Flintshire when you want a different kind of palate

Everyone enjoys eating out and especially in a place where you can take your family out for good food and fine drinks. It is relaxing to spend time with your family and children away from the mundane routine of daily life. This helps to rejuvenate your mind and spirit. There are many occasions when you wish to take your entire family for a special lunch or dinner and family friendly pub Flintshire is the perfect place for such occasions. Here you will get great food and wide selection of drinks to choose from. You can enjoy speciality food at the Greek restaurant Flintshire in the same pub.
Family friendly pub Flintshire has been in operation for many decades and the ambience is ideal for a casual entertainment. You can spend quality time with your family and friends on any special day celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. You can choose the open air garden if you plan to entertain many guests. The spacious garden allows children to move about freely and not feel claustrophobic. The parents can enjoy themselves as the pub is safe and secure. If you are interested in trying out some different variety you can visit the Greek restaurant Flintshire. All the items in the menu are cooked personally by the owner of the pub.
You can enjoy the food in the Greek restaurant Flintshire or try the traditional British cuisine without worrying about quality. The food is tasty and healthy and being prepared from locally procured ingredients. The freshness is guaranteed by the expert chef cum owner of the pub. You can plan a party in the garden or in the restaurant on special events like a christening in your family. A reception held to mark any memorable occasion can be organized here with excellent food and drinks for all your guests. Family friendly pub Flintshire has sufficient parking space to accommodate all your guests’ cars. So you don’t need to worry about their convenience.
A pub is essentially a place for relaxing and enjoying drinks like ales, lager or wines. Ales and lager are the drinks traditionally served at pubs but at Greek restaurant Flintshire you get famous brands of spirits as well. Cocktails are also served sometimes at special discounted rates. So whatever be your liking, you will surely find a drink to quench your desire. Being a family friendly pub Flintshire all modern provision is made for internet and Wi-Fi connectivity. So you can truly have a great time connecting with your friends on Facebook. During the course of the party you can constantly upload pictures and selfies for your friends.
Just as in a typical pub there are provisions for entertainment like a dart board and a juke box. Along with your friends you can have a gala time at the pool table with the accompaniment of great food and drinks. For those looking for a time for comfort and to unwind you can listen to music from the jukebox ranging from classics to modern hits. So whether it is your family and relatives or your friends such a pub offers entertainment for all. Family friendly pub Flintshire has something for all. Greek restaurant Flintshire has a wide range of delectable fare ideal for lunch or dinner after enjoying your drinks.

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