I play every NBA game like it’s my last

I play every  NBA 2K17 MT  game like it’s my last, regardless of who’s in front of me.
– Thunder guard Russell Westbrook

It wasn’t merely good, it was turbo. Westbrook broke loose for 36 points, 11 assists and 11 rebounds in Game 4, evident of how he impacted the win in multiple ways. The flow and the pace is mainly being dictated by him, and the Warriors simply haven’t kept up the last two games at Chesapeake Energy Arena. There was a moment where Westbrook scooped a loose ball, shook his man, pulled up for a 15-foot dagger and caused the building to shake. That was the cue for Westbrook to let loose, and he did, voice rising, fists balling, neck veins popping. It was The Scream, which registered louder than his eye-squinting postgame outfits  for https://www.igs.com/   .