Why Consider Buying A Latest Model Used Cadillac In Toronto?

 A used Cadillac is still a great choice as all the models from CTS to XTS are well packed with powerful engines, safety features and latest technology.

Toronto, Canada – June 03, 2016 – You’ll like 2015 used Cadillac CTS, if you’re looking for a midsize luxury sport sedan at affordable price or you’re buying a second car.

Cadillac CTS 2015 comes in two engine options – 2L turbocharged 272 HP and 295 pound-feet torque four-cylinder and 3.6L 321 HP and 275 lb-ft torque V6. Trim levels available in Cadillac CTS are Standard, Luxury, Performance, Premium, Vsport and Vsport Premium”, says Wheelslot.com.

The Cadillac CTS is compared with the Audi A6, BMW-5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class with which it shares many similarities. A used Cadillac for sale in Toronto is certainly a good choice for luxury car buyers. This car boasts excellent design and high-end interior coupled with latest entertainment and communication features.

If a full-size luxury SUV is what you’re looking for then 2015 used Cadillac Escalade is the best choice. It is flashy and glamorous and it is surprising to know that it still woos buyers and the credit for its popularity goes to its lane busting road demeanor and luxurious interior.

Under the hood is a powerful 6.2L 420 HP and 460 pound-feet V8 engine. When paired with eight speed automatic transmission, the engine gives excellent fuel economy that is 17 mpg. Rear-wheel drive is the standard and four-wheel drive is an option. It has all the safety features needed for safe driving and it is awarded five stars for side crash protection.

Cadillac has an entry level luxury crossover SUV, if you’re interested in buying a SUV at discounted price. It is SRX SUV and is available in used Cadillac SUVs. If you look at its power and performance, you’ll feel delighted as it packs a 3.6L V6 engine that gives 308 HP and 265 pound-feet of torque”, adds Wheelslot.com.

On the interior side, everything is elegantly put together to make the interior luxurious and spacious. Ample cargo room is provided. With rear-seat folding, the SUV provides 61 cubic feet of cargo space. Driving a V6 with six speed auto transmission is smooth and gears change smoothly.

Cadillac ATS is a compact sports sedan and its 2015 model is still the best choice in handling, performance, comfort and technology. 2015 ATS Cadillac used three engines – 2.5L four cylinder 202 HP and 190 pound-feet torque, 2L four-cylinder 272 HP and 295 lb-ft torque and 3.6L 321 HP and 274 lb-ft torque V6 engine. ATS offers Luxury’s trim Safety and Security package, Performance and Premium’s Driver Awareness package.

According to Wheelslot.com, the Cadillac XTS offers comfort with luxury, power with performance and electronics with convenience. The Wheelslot.com recommends the XTS as the best value for money car in used Cadillac for sale in Toronto.

The 2015 XTS is the third generation of XTS range of cars. It was launched with two engine options – 3.6L 304 HP and 264 pound-feet of torque V6 and turbocharged version of V6 that produces 410 HP and 369 lb-ft of torque.



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