Hair DNA Testing

The number of people who are suffering from the hair related issues are increasing in number. In order to put an end to this problem, Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic has come up with a brand new idea of launching the revolutionary technique of Hair DNA Testing, which would help the doctors to detect the main reason behind the untimely hair loss of their patient. Everybody has their own requirements, so, it is very essential for the identifying the fact that, which medicine will work on a particular person.

This is a cheek swab based method, where the sample is collected with the help of a swab, after moving it vigorously within the mouth of a particular person. But the sample should not be collected, immediately after drinking, smoking or after having lunch or dinner. As, the food particles existing within the mouth might not provide the patient with a positive result.

The main advantages of the procedure of Hair DNA Testing is that, the doctor would be able to estimate the severity of the hair loss in a particular patient. As the treatment doesn’t involve any kind of over or under dose of the medicine, it is totally free from side effects. This treatment can even prevent the baldness among the children, before it starts to take the victim under its authority. All the professionals and technicians of the clinic, who are associated with the procedure, are utterly experienced as well as efficient in providing the best ever services to their clients.

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Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic is a reputable organization, working in the field of health and wellness for decades. Different types of aesthetic treatments are offered to the clients in the clinic, that to at an affordable prize. Every single patients of the clinic are treated well by the people who are associated with the clinic.

The clinic was formed with an objective of providing scientific care and solutions which would actually help the people to look more attractive and gorgeous by re-growing their hair or by regaining a flawless, wrinkle free skin. With the help of advanced technology, used in conducting various treatments, there is a genuine guarantee of witnessing the best ever result.

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